About Us


ÖZNUR FUR,started its activity in 2005 year, in Zeytinburnu, to manufacture Fur and Accessories.

In 2008 year we started to sell imported hunt animal furs to Fur and Leather Jacket manufacturers in Zeytinburnu.

We continuewith our service under the name - ÖZNUR FUR LEATHER, without compromising the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction.

Using its own expertise, ÖZNUR FURcarefully and diligentlyselects and offers you all imported products.  We give great importance to the excellence in our production.

With our team of fully qualified and experienced personnel, a special attention is shown to every stage of production.

The teamwork reveals its quality.

Since it was established, ÖZNUR FUR aims to reach staff satisfaction as well as customer satisfaction. Being aware of the reflection of staff satisfaction on the product quality, we aim long term and valuable relationships with our customers and our staff.

We continue our commitment to uncompromising quality policy by maintaining all of our product range in line with the demands of our customers and constantly trying to improve by following the fashion of leather.

Oznur Furis walkingto more successful future by developing its own success line.